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 A Professional Trainer

From Youth To Professional Athletes


The growth of an athlete evolves around the ability to go beyond their comfort zone and reach further. In order to break that barrier, one must accept the opportunities and be able to turn every moment into the moment where he or she realizes I want this more than anyone else. The DB Doctor helps athletes break barriers and unlock their potential. 

Youth Athletes


Youth ages start at eight years old. Training at this age prepares them for the future in youth sports and further. The younger an athlete can adapt to being physically ready to perform. 

Collegiate Athletes


College Athletes who want to stay competitive or gain an edge often seek athletic training to help them accomplish their goals. The DB Doctor has trained many collegiate athletes who have gone to play professionally. 

 Professional Athletes


The DB Doctor has trained multiple professional athletes and the list keeps growing. 

 Professional Athletes


What Ages Do You Train ?

Youth Ages 8+

What Sports Do You Train?

Strength, Speed, & Agility based on sport

How Often Do You Train?

All appointments are on clients requests.